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CARD Services has been authorized by Apple to repair all of your Apple devices since 1994. In 2016 we were awarded the status of Apple Premium Service Provider. By making use of our Apple repair services, you benefit from all the advantages that an Apple Premium Service Provider has to offer.
- reliable service and an average customer satisfaction rate of over 90%;
- Apple repairs are done with care and attention to detail and adhere to Apple’s highest quality standards;
- We repair Apple products with or without warranty;
- we only repair with original parts made available by Apple;
- quick lead time;
- an online repairs portal to submit Apple repairs and keep track of the progress;
- logistical possibilities.
We can help you with the following Apple repairs: iMac, Mac mini, Mac Pro, MacBook, MacBook Air & MacBook Pro, iPad, iPhone, iPod, Beats, Apple Watch and others. Have a look at our (free) Apple replacement programs

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Note: Make sure “Find my iPhone” is switched off on your iPad/iPhone.

Free Apple Quick diagnosis

After you drop off your Apple device with us, one of our Apple technicians will do a free quick diagnosis. During the quick diagnosis they assess the issue with your device and in some cases, they even fix it right away. You can wait for this while you enjoy a cup of coffee.

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Overview Apple repairs

Have a look at which Apple repairs you can submit with us and benefit from all the advantages that an Apple Premium Service Provider has to offer. You can submit a repair with us for Apple products with or without warranty. Naturally, we only do repairs with original parts that have been made available by Apple. Also have a look at our pages for replacing MacBook batteries & replacing iPhone batteries.

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Apple replacementprogramms

Have a look at all current Apple replacement programs. CARD Services can help you benefit from these replacement programs. Is your Apple product eligible for a replacement program

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Mac upgrade

You like to work fast, but does your Mac? Having to constantly wait for your Mac can lead to frustration, a waste of time and higher costs.

Time to give your Mac a boost! There could be lots of different reasons behind a slow Mac. Maybe your hard disc is becoming too full, your operating system is outdated or there is too much pressure on your Mac memory because of software packages that are slowing you down.

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Data recovery

Is your hard drive broken or have you accidentally deleted important data? Are there documents missing from your computer, smartphone or iPhone? CARD Services can help you with loss of data as well. We can ensure quick and optimal data recovery for you in our service center or at one of our specialized data recovery partners.

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Explanation of the repair procedure

Go through the Apple repairs procedure step by step. That way you know what to except and which possibilities you have during the repairs process. That way you can take necessary measures to minimize the inconvenience during the repair of your Apple product.

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