Management & maintenance

Periodical management and support ensures you can use your IT equipment to the max

Apple System Maintenance

Your company’s Apple heart needs to continue to beat. Without proper management and maintenance, you run a bigger risk of outages and defects. That is why high-quality Apple hardware needs quality Apple system management. And that is, of course, something you want to have done by an Apple specialist.

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Cross-platform System Maintenance

Because your IT network is crucial for many of your operational processes, it is important that this continues to work seamlessly. For this purpose, we advise frequent system management. You reduce the risk of high costs due to failures and you retain the optimal speed of your Apple & Windows systems.

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Apple Device Management

JAMF Pro gives you a simple way to rollout, implement and secure your Apple devices. With JAMF Pro – Apple Device management software – IT departments have the best tool for taking stock, imaging, configuration, security and distribution of software and apps to Mac, iPad, iPhone or Apple TV. 

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Service Level Agreement

Make use of our Apple specialists to keep your Apple devices and Apple environment in top shape. They know all there is to know about the possibilities of Apple’s technology. By involving us in the purchase, design, configuration, management and maintenance of your Apple devices, you save time and money. With CARD Services as your Apple partner, you leave plenty of time and space for your creative inspiration and core business.

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All Apple hardware comes with a limited warranty of one year and up to 90 days of free phone support. Would you like to extend this warranty? Then you can choose the AppleCare Protection Plan. This allows you to extend your warranty to three years after the date of purchase.

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Back-up solutions

If your business relocates or if you switch from Windows to Apple or from Apple to Windows, a lot of work is required. It is a complex operation that needs solid preparation. CARD Services is your reliable and expert IT partner for installations or migrations, including all necessary preparations.

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